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Through our Point-of-Sale (POS) audit services, you gain the capability to validate the presence of your products at the critical point of sale and ascertain the availability of stock on the store shelves. The absence of your products at this crucial juncture can translate into a substantial loss of potential sales revenue, frequently attributable to inadequate restocking practices within the retail establishments.

Analyze the presence of your product on the shelf and whether it is in the agreed-upon location with the retail outlet.

We meticulously assess the product quantity displayed on the shelf, enabling us to manage stock replenishments efficiently, pinpoint peak sales hours, and ensure that the available shelf space aligns seamlessly with the ongoing sales demands.

In the context of commercial campaigns, we evaluate the presence of your product within spaces beyond the contracted agreements.

"Our Marketing team is responsible for the in-store campaigns and it is crucial for them to guarantee campaigns’ are being implemented according to the plan. Having a tool to help them identify potential operational difficulties and/or opportunities to leverage existing resources, is key to bring efficiency to this process."

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Through our comprehensive audit services, you gain the ability to monitor real-time shelf stock levels and assess the diligence of restocking procedures. We furnish you with precise timestamps for each occurrence, empowering you to promptly notify major retailers and delve into the underlying causes of any stock shortages.

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We are adept at collating comprehensive data regarding prevailing market prices set by your competitors. Furthermore, our capabilities extend to monitoring promotional initiatives undertaken by rival entities, assessing their potential impact on your sales performance. Conversely, we can gauge the influence of your promotional campaigns on the sales dynamics of your competitors through meticulous shelf monitoring.

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We meticulously ascertain the alignment of the shelf layout and the adherence to the stipulated unit count within the linear display, thereby ensuring the preservation of the product's strategic positioning, meticulously crafted by your marketing team, at the POS. Furthermore, we scrutinize whether the retailer dutifully upholds the agreed-upon unit count within the linear display, or if there are instances of alternative products or rival offerings encroaching upon the designated linear space designated for your product.

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We discern where and how your product positions itself at the point of sale and assess its impact on your sales, determining whether it is distinguishing itself favorably among your consumers and contributing to your performance in the market.

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"The report produced is very objective and allows for an overview and store-by-store perspective, enabling us to identify critical situations and stores."

"Brands & Ninjas has proven to be extremely important as it provided us with relevant information for our commercial strategy."

"A product that allows us to access information dispersed across various points of sale in a structured, timely manner, and with reduced investment."

"Brands&Ninjas is not just a commercial/marketing tool. For our activity and size, it has proven to be an 'appendix' of our departments. We applaud the simplicity, flexibility, and speed in execution and obtaining results for decision-making."

"We would like to highlight your willingness to respond to a pioneering challenge and build a solution from scratch with the opportunity to be iterated upon during its implementation. This was truly your differentiating factor: taking on the challenge and building upon it, resulting in a tangible output with robust analysis, from our point of view."

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