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Ninjas are the core of Brands&Ninjas. They are a community of skilled taskers with expertise in various areas, ensuring the Brands that work with B&N find the right match for their needs.

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B&N's Ninjas Earn by Completing Simple Tasks

"This concept is brilliant and innovative and can become an extraordinary and global project. It is of tremendous value to brands and innovative for marketing/commercial management areas."

Ninja, Santa Maria da Feira

"B&N is a great opportunity to increase income, in a light and flexible way, allowing you to balance it with other professional and personal commitments."

Ninja, Porto

"Brands&Ninjas has provided me with very practical and effective ways to make the most of my free time."

Ninja, Matosinhos

"Working with B&N has been rewarding. Its modus operandi is different from the conventional, which makes the company and the ninjas closer and more effective in the field."

Ninja, Caldas da Rainha

How it Works

Person holding phone with B&N app.

1. Brand generates a mission

On this step, a brand will generate a mission with all the necessary information for users to understand, accept, and accomplish it.

Person holding phone with B&N app.

2. A mission will appear on the map.

Missions near you will appear on the initial map you have in the app or under 'Available Missions' in the trophy icon.

Person holding phone with B&N app.

3. Accept the mission

Accept the mission and head to the specified point of sale, collect the requested information in the mission, and answer the questions clearly. Avoid having your mission rejected.

Person holding phone with B&N app.

4. Your mission will be evaluated

Your mission will be evaluated by our data team. If all the answers are objective and coherent, your mission will be successful!

Person holding phone with B&N app.

5. Congratulations! Mission accomplished!

When your mission is successful, you will see your balance in the app increase! You can view all the missions you've completed under 'Completed Missions.

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