Surveys and Quests Service

Surveys and Quests at the POS

In this way, you can identify strengths and weaknesses in the positioning and performance of your product, as well as in the service provided, and find opportunities to enhance service quality.

Target Audience Information

We can extract demographic information, interests, buying patterns, and feedback.

Competitor information

We are able to understand which new products, prices, promotional campaigns your competitors are implementing, and the sales locations where they are positioned.

Product Placement at the POS

We check the placement of your product on the shelf, its visibility to the customer, and ensure that your promotional campaigns are in force at the POS.

Knowledge of distribution channels

We identify which distribution channels are part of your logistics chain so that you can allocate more efforts to those that have higher sales of your product.

Surveys and Quests Use Cases

Use Case

Shelf Control

Through our comprehensive audit services, you gain the ability to monitor real-time shelf stock levels and assess the diligence of restocking procedures. We furnish you with precise timestamps for each occurrence, empowering you to promptly notify major retailers and delve into the underlying causes of any stock shortages.

Use Case

Competitor Analysis and Pricing

We are adept at collating comprehensive data regarding prevailing market prices set by your competitors. Furthermore, our capabilities extend to monitoring promotional initiatives undertaken by rival entities, assessing their potential impact on your sales performance. Conversely, we can gauge the influence of your promotional campaigns on the sales dynamics of your competitors through meticulous shelf monitoring.

Use Case

Shelf Planogram Monitoring

We meticulously ascertain the alignment of the shelf layout and the adherence to the stipulated unit count within the linear display, thereby ensuring the preservation of the product's strategic positioning, meticulously crafted by your marketing team, at the POS. Furthermore, we scrutinize whether the retailer dutifully upholds the agreed-upon unit count within the linear display, or if there are instances of alternative products or rival offerings encroaching upon the designated linear space designated for your product.

Use Case

Product's Journey Management

We pinpoint the distribution channels within your logistics chain, enabling you to allocate increased resources to those that exhibit higher sales performance for your product. Understanding of the various avenues or routes through which products or services are delivered to customers or end-users. This understanding encompasses the entire journey of a product or service from the manufacturer or provider to the consumer. Knowledge of distribution channels is crucial for businesses and organizations because it helps them make informed decisions about how to reach their target markets effectively and efficiently.

Use Case

Assessment of Product Positioning

We discern where and how your product positions itself at the point of sale and assess its impact on your sales, determining whether it is distinguishing itself favorably among your consumers and contributing to your performance in the market.

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