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Forecasting Stockouts

Our Data Science division advocates and supports the mixed approach. Brands submit to us the historical data of the last few years of sales and stocks for each of the products audited by the POS, and additionally, we collect recent data through our community. This way, we can immediately flag stockouts and predict shortages up to 5 days in advance!

Sales and Demand Management

Understanding the sales pace and demand can ensure that stock levels are maintained at an optimal level and, consequently, minimize the risk of shortages, allowing you to satisfy your customers with the assurance that your products are always available. Similarly, it can improve operational efficiency and reduce manual intervention costs.

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Enhance your Tasks with Brands&Ninjas' proprietary Data Analysis Plans.


On-site status check and descriptive analysis for inventory insights


Accurate forecasting of product stockouts and demands for proactive inventory management

Reinforced Prediction

Optimized forecasts and actionable insights for improved decision-making through reinforced prediction

Real-time descriptive analysis

Machine learning approach

Everything in Screening plan

Real-time POS scoring

Demand prediction

Everything in Forecasting plan

Ensuring data validity through image capture

Stock out prediction

Forecasting correction with screening data

Computer vision validation (optional)

Composite retail metrics

Geographic fence to confirm accurate location

Stock dynamics

Wide geographical coverage

Shelf space adjustment

Full access to a large community of auditors

Product variability scoring

Actionable insights

Actionable insights


"The report produced is very objective and allows for an overview and store-by-store perspective, enabling us to identify critical situations and stores."

"A product that allows us to access information dispersed across various points of sale in a structured, timely manner, and with reduced investment."

Data Use Cases

Use Case

Marketing Strategy Optimization

Data analysis can play a pivotal role in understanding customers' behavior, preferences, and trends. Analyzing customer data can provide valuable insights into what drives customers' decisions and helps tailor more personalized marketing strategies that lead to increased conversions and customer retention.

Use Case

Operational Efficiency Improvement

Companies can leverage data analysis to monitor and improve operational efficiency. The analysis can identify bottlenecks in production or service processes and provide insights on how to streamline operations, reduce costs, or improve service delivery.

Use Case

Risk Management

Data analysis can facilitate an organization's risk management by predicting future trends and events based on historical data. Additionally, it can help the decision-making process by providing actionable insights from raw data. The analysis can guide company leaders on making strategic decisions.

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