Frequently Asked Questions about Brands&Ninjas

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) display a collection of common queries and their concise answers, conveniently provided by our team.

In order for the mission to be validated, you must be at the location where the mission should be completed. Only then can we ensure the accuracy of the data you send us.

This information and your personal data will never be shared with third parties, nor will it be visible to the client.

After completing a mission, that mission will be validated, and if it doesn’t have errors or other issues, the money corresponding to that mission will be added to your account.

You can use our phone contact to clarify your doubts or provide your feedback (+351 915 104 622) or send an email to

It’s the stores that determine whether photos can be taken or not. If an employee tells you that taking photos is not allowed, please respect that and inform us. Always remember to consider unwritten rules when taking photos and make sure not to disturb anyone while carrying out B&N missions.

No, photos must always be taken on-site from within the app itself. To take photos more quickly, you can disable the ‘Use in-app camera’ setting in the app’s preferences.

At B&N, we ensure that we provide the best data to our clients. For this reason, your mission may be rejected if:

  • It’s not completed in the correct location;
  • The photos are unclear (taken from too far away, blurry, too dark/too light);
  • The photos do not meet the task description requirements;
  • The photos are taken from computer screens, other photos, or are photos you took previously;
  • Your submission contains inappropriate or explicit photos;
  • The answers do not correspond to the photos.



  • Do not include people in photos without their permission;
  • Carefully read the task description and examples of sought-after products.

It’s important that when you’re submitting your mission, you don’t immediately lock your phone and wait for the mission to be successfully submitted. Missions with many photos may take a little longer to submit. In your app, there’s a tab called ‘Missions under review’ where you can see if they’re still syncing or have already been submitted for review.

Error messages are always accompanied by a brief explanation of why the error is being presented to you. It’s possible you received an error message because you were far from the store’s location or didn’t have sufficient Wi-Fi. In the latter case, click on the mission so that it can be resynchronized and marked as completed. The factors will be evaluated by our experts, who will determine whether the mission is accepted or not.

Your mission may be rejected if:

  • The photograph was of poor quality or the request was not visible;
  • The answers to the questions do not match the photographs;
  • Your location was too far from the mission site.

To view the missions available to you, you should access ‘Available Missions’ in the app, where missions near you will be listed. Select the one you want to complete and head to the indicated location on the map. Follow the mission instructions, answering the presented questions, and uploading the requested photos. Remember that you must respond to the entire mission from the app itself and cannot use photos from your phone’s camera roll. Once you have completed the mission, you should submit it. It will be evaluated, and if there are no errors, you will be rewarded.

Get in touch with the Brands&Ninjas Support Team.