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Brands&Ninjas operates as an on-demand Task Marketplace, offering businesses a simple and efficient way to request services.

The B&N Platform

By tapping into our Digital community of on-demand taskers, businesses can quickly achieve their objectives without the complexities of traditional employment relationships, all with the ease and simplicity of requesting a service.


Businesses access taskers on-demand, getting quick solutions for their specific needs without going through lengthy hiring processes.


No need to commit to full-time hires for easy tasks — companies can use the platform only when necessary.

Expert Taskers

Benefit from a community of skilled taskers with expertise in various areas, ensuring businesses find the right match for their needs.


By using on-demand taskers, businesses save on overhead costs associated with traditional hiring.

Data Science and AI-enhanced Analysis

Take your tasks further with Brands&Ninjas' proprietary Data Analysis system. Automatically generate reports, estimates and predictions — get closer to your customers.

Use Case

Marketing Strategy Optimization

Data analysis can play a pivotal role in understanding customers' behavior, preferences, and trends. Analyzing customer data can provide valuable insights into what drives customers' decisions and helps tailor more personalized marketing strategies that lead to increased conversions and customer retention.

Use Case

Operational Efficiency Improvement

Companies can leverage data analysis to monitor and improve operational efficiency. The analysis can identify bottlenecks in production or service processes and provide insights on how to streamline operations, reduce costs, or improve service delivery.

Use Case

Risk Management

Data analysis can facilitate an organization's risk management by predicting future trends and events based on historical data. Additionally, it can help the decision-making process by providing actionable insights from raw data. The analysis can guide company leaders on making strategic decisions.

Here’s what our Customers are saying

(We’re really proud of it!)

"We would like to highlight your willingness to respond to a pioneering challenge and build a solution from scratch with the opportunity to be iterated upon during its implementation. This was truly your differentiating factor: taking on the challenge and building upon it, resulting in a tangible output with robust analysis, from our point of view."

"A product that allows us to access information dispersed across various points of sale in a structured, timely manner, and with reduced investment."

"The report produced is very objective and allows for an overview and store-by-store perspective, enabling us to identify critical situations and stores."

"Brands & Ninjas has proven to be extremely important as it provided us with relevant information for our commercial strategy."

"Brands & Ninjas was up to the challenge proposed by Lactogal, with an excellent collection of information at the Point of Sale and with Outputs of excellent quality. The service's response timing was one of its strong points! In an extremely dynamic and competitive market, relevant information about the point of sale is essential for strategic decision-making."

"Brands&Ninjas allows us to quickly analyze our market execution, from north to south of the country and across different customer typologies. With simple dashboards and easy information extraction, they provide a quick and reliable solution to validate the impact of the actions we develop at the Point of Sale (POS)."


InRetail Congress, the largest annual event for retail professionals, in Distribuição Hoje

On November 8th, Brands&Ninjas participated in InRetail, the largest congress for retail professionals. Our CEO, Pedro Moura, represented the brand in a pitch addressing the 'Sensorial Point of Sale,' our solution for Organized Retail and the Horeca Channel.

February 5, 2024

Start-ups: From packaging to AI, how they respond to the 'pains' of retail,in Distribuição Hoje

Brands&Ninjas had the privilege of being featured on the @Retail Podcast by Distribuição Hoje (ep.19), where various relevant topics in the retail sector were discussed. Pedro Bem-haja, our CDO, was the guest representing the brand. He not only addressed the current challenges in this sector but also reflected on innovative solutions to be implemented in the future of retail.

February 5, 2024

Case Study #1 Crowdsourced In-Store Data Collection, in Sonae Disrupt Retail

"Our Marketing team is responsible for the in-store campaigns and it is crucial for them to guarantee campaigns’ are being implemented according to the plan. Having a tool to help them identify potential operational difficulties and/or opportunities to leverage existing resources, is key to bring efficiency to this process."

March 1, 2021

Ninjas assess brand presence in retail stores, in Grande Consumo

As missions are completed, the platform provides brands with real-time statistical data. In addition to the automatically available statistical data on the platform, brands can also download a more comprehensive file containing all the metrics collected during the missions.

February 9, 2021