Brands&Ninjas is a crowdsourcing-based platform that allows your company to audit your brand at the point of sale in real time.


From the mobile app, anyone enrolled on the platform can carry out a mission and be the eyes of your brand.

The missions ensure a direct and simple analysis of various parameters associated with the business:

Monitoring of campaigns and promotions

Space analysis

Shelf stock evaluation

Evaluation of the implementation of POS material

Price monitoring

How it works

Each company sets up its missions on the Brands&Ninjas platform. For each mission you define the questions, the points of sale to be audited and the date of the visit. This way the missions will be available on the app for our network of ninjas to respond to.


As ninjas audit the various points of sale, the data can be viewed on the platform in real time.





Version Licensing

Brands&Ninjas has a platform dedicated to communication between the central offices of the brands and their stores, which allows:

Assessment of the proper implementation of activities centrally defined with the brands.

Reports to the brands as a way of ensuring investment

Evaluation and measurement of the differents KPIs communicated to the store

Evaluation of the franchise network operations

Each mission, defined by the central teams, will ask the store managers for photographs and answers to some quick questions, which ensure a direct and simple analysis of various parameters associated with the business.


From the mobile app, store employees assigned to the role can carry out the mission and be the eyes at your store for the central offices.


The result of each mission at each store, as well as all associated statistics, can be consulted in real time in the customer area of the platform.

Our community

Our auditors, whom we affectionately call Ninjas, are people who download our app and, for monetary compensation, are tasked with verifying at the point of sale whether the products of a given brand are displayed according to the parameters that have been agreed on, if they are in fact on sale as they ought to be, if there is stock available on the linear displays, if the price is correct, etc.


The client establishes the parameters he wants to see met – and the ninjas go there to verify the situation. These ninjas are ordinary people scattered throughout the country, who are looking for a flexible and easy way to earn extra money, how and when they want.


Prices that are adapted to the needs of your company. Our quotes are based on three key points:

Complexity of the information to be extracted

Number of SKUs to be audited

Number of stores to be audited

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