To see the missions available to you, access the mission dashboard, where they are listed. Select the one you want to do and head to the location shown on the map.

Follow the mission instructions, answering the questions presented and uploading the requested photographs. Remember that you won’t be able to use photos from your phone’s camera roll, you must respond to the entire mission from the app itself. Once you have completed the mission, you must submit it. It will now be validated and if there are no errors you will be paid.

The brand that is your mission promoter and the B&N team have specialized people who review whether the answers and photographs submitted match the customer’s request..

Your mission may be rejected if:

  • The photograph was of poor quality or it was not possible to see what was requested;
  • The answers to the questions do not correspond to the photographs;
  • Your location was too far from the mission site.

You may have received an error message because you’re outside the space of the store. This will be evaluated by our experts, who will decide whether the mission is accepted or not.

Error messages are always accompanied by a short explanation, saying why they are being sent to you.


It’s important that, when you submit your mission, you don’t lock your phone immediately. Wait for the mission to be successfully submitted. Missions with a lot of photos can take a little longer to submit.

On your mission dashboard, you have a tab called “Missions under review”, where you can see if they’re still syncing or have already gone for analysis.

At B&N we make sure we are providing the best data to our customers. For this reason, your mission may be rejected if:

  • It is not completed at the correct location;
  • The photos are not clear (taken too far away, blurry, too dark/too light);
  • Photos do not meet the requirements of the task description;
  • Photos are taken from computer screens, other photos, or photos you took previously;
  • Your submission contains inappropriate or explicit photos;
  • The answers don’t match the photos.

We accept missions that:

  • Contain sharp, bright photographs;
  • Follow the instructions in the task description.


  • Do not include people in photos without their permission;
  • Carefully read the description of the task and the examples of products sought.

No, photos must always be taken on site, using the app itself.

It’s the stores that decide whether photos can be taken or not. If an employee tells you that taking photos is not allowed, please respect their rule and inform us. Always remember to take into account the unwritten rules when taking photos; always ask before taking a photo that shows people and make sure you don’t bother anyone while carrying out B&N missions.

Once your mission is validated and it doesn’t present any errors or other problems, the money corresponding to that mission will be added to your account.

Don’t worry, within one week of your mission you will be contacted to provide your banking and tax information to speed up the entire payment process.


B&N uses data about your location to make sure you’re in the right place to complete the mission. That’s the only way we can ensure the veracity of the data you send us.

B&N missions must be carried out in specific locations, so we need to make sure you’re in the right place. That information and your personal data will never be shared with third parties, nor will it be visible to you.

B&N is currently in a closed beta testing. This means that missions cannot be assigned immediately to all ninjas who sign up. As soon as there are missions in your area, we’ll contact you to start doing missions and making money. We do this to avoid any imbalance between missions and ninjas and to be fair to all of you.