Earn money with simple tasks

Brands&Ninjas is a platform where brands confirm their presence at the point of sale. Here, they turn to the ninjas, our auditors, who get paid for doing simple tasks such as taking photographs and answering questions.


Missions are available at points of sale near your location. As a ninja, all you have to do is get to the place and use your smartphone to complete the mission task. Each mission has a maximum duration of 5 minutes.


Each mission can only be completed once by a single ninja, but you can complete any missions you want. Hurry and you’ll earn money for every mission you complete.

How does it work?

Brands&Ninjas missions are available on our Android and iOS app.


To complete each mission, you just need to take a few photos at the specified location and answer the questions.


Your missions are reviewed by various entities and if they pass quality control, the value of the mission is credited to your account. You can withdraw money from Brands&Ninjas account to your bank account at any time.

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