About us

Brands&Ninjas is a crowdsourcing-based DaaS (Data as a Service) platform that allows brands to assess their presence at the point of sale in real time.


Founded in 2019 and specially dedicated to building a platform with a strong pillar in a community – the Ninjas – for assessing the presence of brands at domestic points of sale.


The scope of the activity is not limited to retail food sales, but also operates in pharmacies, bank agencies, gas stations, car stands, billboard networks, franchising, and many other sectors.


The aim of the platform is to allow ninjas to make a quick assessment and for brands to have access to these results in real time. The information entered by the ninjas provides the brands with statistical processing as the missions are carried out.

Some of our metrics

In 35% of the stores, one‑third of the products were not available.
68% of the stores lacked the extra space contracted for.
There are unimplemented campaigns in over 35% of the stores.

The team